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Omnis n°1

This instrument is not only incredibly resistant but also extremely versatile. One end can scrape, pick out and remove your temporary crowns etc, while the other end has three cutting edges for removing excess dental cement, composite, etc. Once you get your hands on this jewel you'll want one for each tray.

OMNIS n°1: pushing edge

Dispositif autoclavable

Omnis n°2

This new and improved version is a definite must for daily dental procedures. It:
+ removes excess cement whether temporary or permanent
+ scraps excess composite and adhesive
+ sculpts amalgams and composites
+ picks out temporary crowns, Stellites etc.
+ removes Cavits and other temporary cement fillings such as IRM (completes ceramometal burs) to remove "semi-hard" resin temporary fillings.

As time goes on, you will certainly use this tool for other applications that require scraping or cutting to prevent breaking other more fragile dental tools.

OMNIS n°2: pulling edge

This device is fully autoclavable

Pin Tweezers

Pin-Tweezers specially designed to place and remove our 3Dmatrices. This has cross over action for easy placement.
37.50 USDRef-WGPHexcl. VAT(GST)

V-Ring forceps (1 piece)

The best way to grip and place rings securely! You can also use them as a rubber dam forceps!
37.50 USDRef-WGRFexcl. VAT(GST)


Don't waste your precious time with the wrong instrument... Raptor helps you safely grasp anything small  (fragments, broken instruments, needles...) until YOU release it's powerful jaws. Easy lock-unlock Perfect for removing matrices when struggling with strong contact points and composite.
102.70 USDRef-RPTexcl. VAT(GST)