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WagoTrix Sectional Matrix Intro Kit

WagoTrix Sectional Matrix Intro Kit, includes:

25 - 3.5mm Anatomical Matrices
25 - 4.5mm Anatomical Matrices
25 - 5.5mm Anatomical Matrices
25 - 6.5mm Anatomical Matrices
25 - Small Wedges (white)
25 - Medium Wedges (gold)
25 - Large Wedges (pink)
35 - Universal Rings
1 - Matrix Forceps
1 - Matrix Pin Holder

The WagoTrix Sectional Matrix Intro Kit has been designed and extensively clinically tested by industry leading clinicians resulting in the new benchmark for Class II posterior composite restorations. The WagoTrix team utilized its 15+ years of experience in the Class II restoration field evaluating, testing, marketing and teaching many different types of sectional matrix systems from all over the world to develop the ultimate Class II sectional matrix system for dentists.

197.00 USDRef-WGSMIKexcl. VAT(GST)

WAGOTRIX Universal ring (100)

With the WagoTrix Universal Rings, made with our proprietary reinforced material, there is no need to worry about the life expectancy of your rings - simply dispose after each use and start with a new ring each and every restoration.

Not only will our single-use rings cost you less per use compared to NiTi or other metal rings, you will achieve better clinical results while saving time and money.

The Wagotrix Universal Ring benefits include :

o Proprietary reinforced material eliminates risk of breaking or spring off unlike metal rings;
o Exceptional strength resulting in guaranteed optimal separation forces and stability every time;
o Delivers perfect tight contacts every time;
o Disposable-hygienic & eliminates hassle of cleaning & autoclaving rings;
o Stackable for simultaneous restorations;
o Saves time and money compared to NiTi or metal rings; and
o No financial risk from losing or damaging ring.

59.00 USDRef-WGRU-100excl. VAT(GST)