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Céramométalivore Ultra bag of 5pcs

Want to make deeper cuts and coronal peel preparations? Want to reduce cracking or chipping of ceramic and dentin?

This bur cuts everything that gets in its way! (metal, porcelain, enamel,dentin...) without vibrating like other burs. Less handpiece wear.
Autoclavable, long life.
Cutting tip length = 8mm
Type of Shank: FG (Friction Grip)
72.31 USDRef-FR-CMVU5excl. VAT(GST)

The recommended bur to use with your WAMkey and your WAM'X

Cleanly cuts metal and porcelain together without cracking or shattering the porcelain.

Ceramometalivores innovative architecture and one-piece structure, allows quick and clean simultaneous cutting of both metal and porcelain porcelain - without cracking or shattering the porcelain.

Ultra durable for multiple useage and safely autoclavable.

Ceramometalivore's one-piece construction provides the highest quality and durability. The long working life of this bur ensures you can make many easy crown or bridge removals. Designed to be autoclaved.

Preserves your handpieces

This is a highly accurate one piece Bur. Perfectly concentric construction almost eliminates vibration and guarantees concentric, turbine friendly operation.

Available in 2 versions

Standard Version

The standard version (with a 4mm cutting tip length) is perfect for most cutting tasks.
Total length of the bur (including shank)=19mm

Ultra version

With a cutting tip length of 8mm ( twice the length of the standard bur ) the Ultra allows you to make longer and deeper cuts.
Also perfect for crown preparation. Cuts enamel quickly, cleanly, smoothly and efficiently.

Using these 3 simple steps, the coronal peel technique and an Ultra Bur allow a very fast and clean crown preparation. The Ultra Bur's double cutting length can produce a one-cut peel.

Protocol to make a quick crown prep in 3 steps

1/ Elimination of the occlusal side.

Eliminate the occlusal side until you can see the layers of the tooth (dentine/enamel)

2/ Insert the Ultra Ceramometalivore

Penetrate through the enamel down to the dentin

3/ Eliminate the enamel

Peel the enamel in one coronal groove.