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WAM'X Intro-Pack

WAM'X Intro Kit:Post-core and richmond crown removal made as easy as child's play!

  • A simple and quick process

  • An atraumatic process for both patient and roots, inspired by Wamkey concept

  • A multipurpose device allowing you to remove both from anterior and posterior teeth

The Intro-pack includes :
- 1 WAM'X forceps
- 3 pairs of assorted prongs
- 3 pairs of assorted silicone slices
- 3 Ceramometalivore burs for effortless, vibration free cutting of metal and porcelain
- 1 CD Manual user

All components are fully autoclavable (130°C/275°F)

826.80 USDRef-WXPexcl. VAT(GST)

> WAM devices (WAMkey and WAM'X) are indispensable (click to see the rest of the message)...

> I never though removing a cast post could be that easy (click to see the rest of the message)...

> Far easier than any other solution surprisingly efficient (click to see the rest of the message)...

> ...that one REALLY WORKS! (click to see the rest of the message)...