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Vibraject R3 Intro kit

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Here is the solution to irrigate & activate your irrigations solutions during a root canal treatment !

Efficiency : generation of hydrodynamic fluid facilitating elimination of smear layer, and the disruption and removal of the biofilm from all aspects of the root canal system.

Security : manual activation, autoclavable clips, silicone tips to fit the size of any syringe.

Ergonomics :wireless, lightweight, fits all syringes, runs on rechargeable batteries


Here is the solution to offer your patient really painless injections !

Based on Melzack and Wall's selective gateway theory (Gate Control theory), Vibraject induces high frequency vibration on the needle. This vibration perceived by your patient prevents the transmission of pain signal to his brain.

Vibraject clips directly to your usual syringe, you do not need to change injection device.

This kit contains:

- 3 autoclavable clips
- 1 R3 vibrating motor
- 2 rechargeable batteries
- 1 battery charger
- 1 user manual

293.96 GBPRef-VJR3IKexcl. VAT(GST)
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VibraJect R3 charger

1 battery charger for R3 button batteries

56.60 GBPRef-VJR3CHexcl. VAT(GST)
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