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GEKO Intro Kit

Even on posterior teeth, placing a crown with Geko Tweezers® is as easy as child's play. Autoclavable ultra-flexible silicone tips and Geko sticky paste (included in intro kit) guarantee perfect grip, increased visualfield, and time-savings when removing excess cement. Discover how by clicking the link hereunder !

This Intro kit contains:
- 1 pair of Tweezers (autoclavable 135 °C/275 °F)
- 20 silicone tips (autoclavable 135 °C/275 °F)
- 1 syringe of sticky Geko paste

230.10 USDRef-GEKT1excl. VAT(GST)
clinical cases, videos, CLICK HERE NOW!

GEKO Intro Kit (4 Tweezers)

This Intro kit contains:
- 4 pairs of Geko Tweezers (autoclavable 135 °C/275 °F)
- 40 silicone tips (autoclavable 135 °C/275 °F)
- 1 syringe of sticky Geko paste

700.70 USDRef-GEKT4excl. VAT(GST)
clinical cases, videos, CLICK HERE NOW!

Packet of 20 silicone GEKO tips

Packet of Ultra flexible silicone tips : perfectly hold most crowns.
Contains 20 refills.

Fully autoclavable (135°C - 275°F)

40.30 USDRef-GEKEM20excl. VAT(GST)

GEKO : 5ML Syringe

5ML Geko Paste Syringe
For handling all crowns, even most complex ones, and inlays or onlays

40.30 USDRef-GEKP5excl. VAT(GST)

Classic Tweezers

Success will not be achieved without your Classic Tweezers. Its cross section ensures secure grip and full control on the handling of different items, like posts, paper-points, articulating paper or cotton rolls while firmly staying in the required position. Until you press on the handle, the item will not be released. To open them, just press!

This device is autoclavable (135°C / 275°F)

Endo Tweezers

In addition to benefiting from the advantages of the Classic Tweezers (safety catch and easy opening) these self locking Endo-tweezers come with longitudinal and transversal grooves, allowing an easier use with long and cylindrical items, especially posts and gutta-percha tips. Very quickly they become indispensable.

This device is autoclavable (135°C / 275°F)